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Courtesy of Morris Beagle

“It’s ironic that the FDA sends warning letters to CBD companies for allegedly making false claims or medical claims while the FDA is arguably making inaccurate, scientifically insufficient and evidence-lacking claims about CBD and its effect on human health. What the FDA has suggested lacks facts. This is the same fear-mongering approach governments have been using for 80-plus years.” 

Morris Beegle, co-founder and president of a group of hemp companies called We Are For Better Alternatives, tells Hemp Grower in response to the FDA’s revised consumer update on CBD use and marketing.

—Source: HempGrower.com


Courtesy of RJ Hopp

“While the hemp plant is known for its strength and hardiness of the fibers, the flowers are a different story. As the floral material continues to be roughly handled over time, cannabinoid-rich trichomes are being knocked off, reducing concentrations of multiple percentage points on a dry weight basis.”

RJ Hopp, director of hemp markets for PanXchange, in the November 2019 Hemp Market Update for Hemp Grower.

—Source: HempGrower.com


Courtesy of Jonathan Miller

“I cross the country praising Mitch McConnell. McConnell has been extraordinary. He went from Darth Vader to my hemp hero. McConnell is very clued in to this. He’s going to be on top of it.”

Jonathan Miller, general counsel to the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, on WholeFoods Magazine naming Mitch McConnell its “2019 Person of the Year.” (Note: The magazine has no affiliation with the Amazon owned grocery store Whole Foods Market.)

—Source: WholeFoods Magazine