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“Consumers will benefit from knowing that CBD products must be manufactured according to FDA-approved CBD processes. Struggling American farmers will benefit from a stabilized marketplace. It also will stimulate innovation and job creation in the hemp industry.”

Jonathan Miller, general counsel for U.S. Hemp Roundtable, said of the Hemp Access and Consumer Safety Act, introduced in the U.S. Senate May 19. The Senate introduced the bill after the U.S. House introduced a similar bill in February. Miller called the Senate bill a huge win for American consumers, farmers and the hemp industry as a whole.

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“The pilot program allows [growers] to learn about the plant before they go out and try to plant several acres of it. Essentially, the pilot program is an initiation into the process without them having to spend a ton of money.”

Melanie Sorenson, executive director of the Mississippi Industrial Hemp Association, said of a new program the non-profit is offering to growers. The organization will teach farmers how to grow hemp, provide them free seeds and equipment, and assist them with selling their product if they choose.

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“Be prepared to hit the phones and internet and do sales. There are Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, Instagram, and LinkedIn.”

Allan Gandelman, co-founder of New York Hemp Oil, said of creating a good connection with a buyer.

Source: HempGrower.com