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Cannabis cultivators sink enormous amounts of time, money and effort into their high-value crops. These investments require the right skills, techniques and inputs—light, CO2, water and nutrients—to pay off.

In this report, you’ll learn how professional growers use nutrients to maximize plant potential, and thereby grow their businesses, in three main ways:

  • Increasing yields. We’re talking volume here—scaling production for more sales. To achieve this, you can either grow more plants or make each plant more productive. Or, ideally, you can do both! A powerful bloom booster—in addition to the right lighting, CO2 enrichment and other cultivation techniques—is crucial for getting the biggest yields possible, resulting in more dry weight per plant.
  • Improving quality. You can demand top dollar only if you offer a product unequaled in the marketplace. Your customers value flavor, fragrance, color and, above all, potency. Once again, a superior bloom booster and other flowering supplements, including both a premium plant tonic and an aroma and resin enricher, are what you need. You also need a brand you can trust—nutrients low in heavy metals and other impurities.
  • Safeguarding against losses. Your investment and care could get squandered without grow-room hygiene. The roots are especially vulnerable, so inoculate them! If beneficial microbes get a foothold early in your grow, they’ll help to fight off the bad stuff. Other supplements can help your crops stand tall and fight off upper-plant diseases. Finally, deficiencies and burn must be guarded against.

Our mission at Emerald Harvest is to help growers achieve simple, easy success through our streamlined product line. To that end, we’ve positioned ourselves to know all we can about the industry, our products and growers’ needs.

These efforts are made knowing that, in a changing industry, there’s always more to learn. That’s why we chose to support this original research by Hemp Grower’s sister magazine Cannabis Business Times. Emerald Harvest shares HG’s and CBT’s mission of educating growers to help their gardens, farms and businesses thrive.

We hope you’ll find this report as interesting, informative and helpful as we have.

Our best wishes for your success!