1. How is Ellepot serving the hemp-growing market?

Ellepot provides a number of solutions for greenhouse and field hemp producers, each of which have been tested and validated by hemp growers. Our most versatile solution is the AirTray technology system, which allows growers to hold crops longer if needed without the crop developing circling roots. Combine this with Ellepots made with a certified organic mix, and the grower receives a recipe for a good start for a healthy crop.

The AirTray technology system provides extra air circulation to a hemp plant’s root system. Properly oxygenated roots mean faster development, better yield and faster transplanting and handling.

2. How do Ellepots placed in Blackmore’s patented AirTrays provide extra air circulation to a plant’s root system?

AirTrays have no horizontal surfaces, promoting air circulation between the tray and the Ellepot, which allows the plant’s roots to be air pruned and increases wet/dry cycles. Hemp plants now free of girdling roots are able to move water and nutrients to the rest of the plant through new secondary and tertiary roots. The combined AirTray technology system provides growers with flexibility regarding when they plant, should weather conditions affect an earlier or later planting date.

3. What should hemp growers do if they are interested in developing their own mixes or nutrition programs?

Growers who would like to develop their own mixes or nutrition programs should contact Blackmore/Ellepot USA. Team members are available to recommend a tailored solution, including various papers, trays, media mixes and fertility programs. We want to make sure customers have something that works well in either a greenhouse production environment and/or with a field transplanter.

4. What are Hemp Pots?

The success of Ellepots led to the development of the Hemp Pots, a complementary product Blackmore introduced last summer during AmericanHort’s Cultivate industry event. These specially designed pots are for mother stock and greenhouse production of hemp and cannabis. The Hemp Pots expose the entire root system to air, allowing for better water distribution, root development and air pruning. The two-layer system also keeps the root base cooler by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit, giving the plants an even healthier root system.

5. Why should growers use Hemp Pots?

Hemp Pots allow growers to achieve the maximum yield in their hemp stock production through the power of healthy roots. Hemp Potseliminate girdling and circling roots while promoting wet-dry cycles, air pruning and secondary and tertiary roots. If a customer is looking for plant health and yield, then the Hemp Pot is a must-test product.

For more information: Blackmoreco.com, Info@blackmoreco.com, 1-800-874-8660