We are excited to introduce you to the inaugural issue of Hemp Grower. Whether you are an experienced farmer or a novice, and whether you are growing hemp for fiber, grain or cannabidiol (CBD), Hemp Grower is here to help you and your business succeed.

We are excited to bring our passion and history to the North American hemp industry as it emerges from prohibition in the U.S. and reclaims its space as an agricultural crop. We plan to help you, the hemp cultivator, navigate a still-evolving regulatory framework and build profitable businesses around leading agricultural practices.

We are no stranger to launching and building media brands. Our parent company, GIE Media Inc., is a family owned and operated media company that has grown through product excellence and market leadership. Our Cannabis Media Group launched Cannabis Business Times in 2015, and Cannabis Conference and Cannabis Dispensary in 2017. Our Horticulture Media Group consists of Greenhouse Management, Nursery Management, Produce Grower, Garden Center, Lawn & Landscape and Golf Course Industry.

From our humble beginnings publishing one magazine 39 years ago, our company now has more than 100 employees and serves 18 markets in horticulture, food processing, pest control and technology through print and electronic media, custom content and face-to-face events. We are successful because we believe in investing heavily in the industries we serve and being an integral part of those industries. We are especially dedicated to helping businesses succeed through our quality standard based upon editorial value. Helping you run your business is what we are passionate about, and we have a team of people specifically dedicated to the hemp marketplace.

I also want to thank all of our advertisers for supporting the launch issue of Hemp Grower. Their support enables us to bring you this publication at no cost to your business and to continue our tradition of investing in industries and professionals we believe in. Please check out their products and services as you engage in this inaugural issue; they, too, are dedicated to serving hemp businesses in North America.

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You also will not want to miss our industry-leading Cannabis Conference, which unites plant-touching cannabis businesses. Next year (April 21-23), we are introducing a hemp education track specifically geared to you, the hemp grower. Here is a glimpse at some key sessions:

  • Expand Your Greenhouse Operations or Farm Into Cannabis (Including Hemp);
  • Embarking on the Hemp Journey, in which Marguerite Bolt, hemp extension specialist at Purdue University’s Department of Agronomy, will explore the types of hemp production, risks associated with a new crop, and where you can find resources to help you on this wild hemp journey;
  • Protect Your IP and Create Licensing Agreements Where You Don’t Lose Out;
  • The Diagnosis and Management of Hemp Pathogens, presented by Dr. Janna L. Beckerman, professor and extension plant pathologist at Purdue University’s Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, to help you identify and treat (and try to prevent) pathogens affecting your hemp crop to minimize damage and widespread affectation.

So, again, welcome to the premier edition of Hemp Grower. We look forward to bringing you the highest-quality editorial content in the industry and helping you succeed.