May 2021



A New Era of Testing

Hemp sampling and testing protocol changes will start to impact growers as states enact the latest federal regulations.

Get Retail-Ready

Breaking into major retailers isn’t easy. Here, hemp professionals offer their advice.


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Ask the Experts

We asked specialists to provide insights into essential hemp topics to help growers get the most out of their crops and their businesses.

4 Questions With Dan Gibson

Dan Gibson, applications engineer at Air Products, explains how ultra-cold cryogenic gases are helping hemp processors improve yield and product quality.

5 Questions With Brian Keenan

Legacy grower and Grower’s Ally cannabis cultivator Brian Keenan offers insight into organically controlling common hemp pests and diseases.

5 Questions With Christine Stein

Christine Stein, regional sales manager with P.L. Light Systems, explains how light intensity can heavily influence hemp yields and quality.

5 Questions With Wayne Hinton

Wayne Hinton, owner of RootMaker, discusses why growing plants in the RootMaker container system can prevent common but costly problems.

5 Questions With Kyle Canady

Kyle Canady, hemp product specialist for Shivvers Manufacturing, shares the biggest mistakes producers make when drying hemp and explains the different processes for different end products.

5 Questions With Rob Garcia

The western U.S. technical adviser at WinField United Professional offers a primer on using micronutrients in hemp production.