Brad Fausett of Green Remedies Group uses P.L. Light Systems at all three of his businesses.

Brad Fausett, co-founder and chief operating officer of vertically integrated cannabis and hemp company Green Remedies Group, along with Hawgs Hemp Farm, has been a dedicated user of P.L. Light Systems products since the 1990s. Still, it was not until about seven years ago that his relationship with P.L. Light Systems bloomed.

“I had some old P.L.s that I wanted to sell, so I took them down to a grow shop,” he says. “This was around 2014. The grow shop guy had a P.L. salesman walk in, and he said, ‘Whoa, I noticed those—those are P.L.s from a long time ago. Who owns those?’ And that’s how I met him.”

Since then, Fausett says he has implemented P.L.’s lights in more than 100,000 square feet of grow space across three locations, most of which is in greenhouses.

The first location includes Hawgs Hemp Farm located in Birdtown, Ark. There, Fausett says he produces hemp on 30 acres, with the potential to expand to 60.

“We used to have a bunch of greenhouses there until a tornado took it out in July,” he says. “Those lights have now been moved to Oklahoma, where we operate Indigenous Seed, a genetic company, and Ganja Buds, a THC medical marijuana company, where we are using P.L.s to maximize penetration under our canopy.”

Green Remedies Group, a holding company, owns all three locations. The Indigenous Seeds brand focuses on cultivation, evaluation and production for seed, Fausett says, while Hawgs Hemp Farm focuses primarily on oil and flower production.

Some of the end uses he grows for include tinctures, salves, pre-rolls, flower, lotions, edibles, dog treats and more. 

“We also produce hemp [oil] through ethanol and butane extraction,” he says. “We’ve produced quite a bit of crude oil that we further refined down for our products, and that is done through Hawgs Hemp Refinery.”

Fausett currently uses P.L. Light’s double-ended high-pressure sodium lights and has been using them since his college days, he says.

“That was all [the university] used ... and we never had failures,” he says. “And I’ve tried every light on the market, but P.L.s are by far the most solid.”

 He finds that P.L. Light’s Beta reflectors give him better penetration, and the efficiency of the ballast runs so well that he can minimize his electricity costs simultaneously. 

“For greenhouse applications, there is not a better light out there,” he says.

The penetration he gets from P.L. Light products also helps him stack his canopies, which has helped him increase his overall profits, he says.

Additionally, using P.L. products for hemp production has helped him increase capacity and scalability at a manageable cost, with scalability being the most important benefit, he says.

The reasons Fausett decided to work with P.L. Light Systems over its competitors are “simple,” he says. The lights are dependable and provide optimal results, the company’s service is unmatched, and its product pricing is competitive, he says.

“If I could describe P.L.’s customer service in one word, it would be ‘impeccable,’” he says. “Nobody is as good as them; they’re perfect in every way.”

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