May June 2020



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Ask the Experts

We asked specialists to provide insights into essential hemp production topics to help growers get the most out of their crops and their businesses.

5 Questions With Jeff Ziehmer

Jeff Ziehmer, chief executive officer of Ferticell®, provides answers to some of the most-asked nutrition questions in hemp and what you should look for in your hemp grow.

5 Questions with Pierre-Marc de Champlain

Growing media is an essential foundation for plant health, and the right mix varies depending on the plant growth stage and other factors. Pierre-Marc de Champlain, director of technical services for Berger, explains how growers can adjust the balance of ingredients to produce optimal results.

5 Questions with Lars Jensen

A healthy start makes for a vigorous crop. Lars Jensen, national sales manager for Blackmore Company, discusses how various solutions can help growers in propagation and beyond.